Climate and environment (Calabria Tours and Trip)

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Calabria is a richly Mediterranean state with an anomaly respect the characteristics it should have, considering the geographic position and the emphasized marine nature. Because on many mountains there are some isolated basin of air flow determinating particular situations. Calabria has two season so different seasons: a rigid and humid winter and a hot and dry summer. The marine impact that shows its effects along the cost finishes when we approach to land because of the distance of relieves to the sea, for example the valley of Crati with high summer temperatures. The summery average is 24°C, on winter differences are marked. At the coast January’s average is 10 °C, on more than a half of state is not higher than 4 °C, beyond 2500 meters at Sila and 1700 at Aspromonte the temperature goes under zero.
The relief makes an influence on rainfall, arid plain coasts and to internal mountain zones with frequently abundant rains, over all occidental mountainside with the more abundant precipitations on peninsular Italy.Il rilievo tuttavia esercita un influsso ancora più significativo sulla piovosità; in modo abbastanza netto si oppongono pianure costiere aride a zone montuose interne con precipitazioni frequentemente copiose, e soprattutto un versante, quello occidentale, con piogge tra le più abbondanti dell'Italia, comparino with oriental side, so arid. In the area at Tyrrhenian side the mounts make a determinated acrion for capturing Atlantic humid flows. At the coastline and chain the rain arrive over 2000 annual, on winter rains concentrate making Calabria the more snowfall state of meridional Italy. Against oriental and Ionian zone it is placed between 600 and 1000 meters annual and a little less on lowlands areas, for example Sibari. Natural environment presents degradation situations, first of all cutting down trees, the region was plenty of wood, trough centuries the forest has been exposed and steeper mount inside, divested by rains and landslide of soil that increased quickly, in second place the secular neglected regulation of watercourses that favours the marsh of lowlands On 70’s and 80’s there has been a real assault to the coasts related to an uncontrolled tourism, also to a population movement from intern zones to coastal zones. Frequently fully of illegal houses, where rocky coasts had been untouched by centuries and where because of incumbent mountains, spaces for habitable construction are just the minimal. Among few protected coastal zones there is the natural reserve of Neto River (Ionian sea’s side) that conserves plants (rush, willow tree) and typical birds of swampy zones. There is more care to the internal mountain zone. A park (divided with “Basilicata” state) for conservancy of the mountain area of Pollino and on 1968 was founded a National Park of Calabria that includes a big part of Sila.

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