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Calabria, Tours and Vacations 2015

Sea 2015 Calabria, Touristic and Gastronomic Itineraries, Landscape, Bronzes of Riace (Last Minute and Tours for your holidays)

The Most Beautiful Place of Calabria
Calabria with 800 km of coast bathed by ...... (go on)

All Accommodations in Calabria, October Last Minute

Last minute October in Calabria

Getting to Calabria

Travelling to Calabria has been made much easier now that Ryanair flies direct to Lamezia Terme airport from London Stanstead. Flights currently leave Stanstead ...... (go on)

The best Beaches in Calabria (Special offers)

The best Beaches in Calabria, Special offers for your vacations summer in Calabria

The Beaches in Calabria
The beach in Gioia Tauro (1Km from our villa) is combo of 90% sand and 10% pebbles. (If you have sensitive feet...... (go on)

Offers Easter in Calabria, Cheap tours in Calabria!

This year the Easter is a Fantastic opportunity for your vacations and Week end in Calabria (Cheap tours in Calabria).

As with almost all "Christian" holidays, Easter has been secularized and commercialized. The ...... (go on)


The coastal areas swiftly climb to rugged and rocky mountains. Here you stumble upon hamlets whose origins are lost in antiquity, some inhabited many abandoned, as well as old farmsteads. Remarkably too, there is a burgeoning skiing industry in ...... (go on)

Vacation in Calabria (The History)

The history of Calabria (Last Minute and Tours)

The Calabria is the southern most region of Italy, the ankle and toe of the Italian "boot" a rugged peninsula where grapevines, fig and olive trees cling to arid ...... (go on)
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